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Grab Hire in Brighton I What is Aggregate?

A Hyatt Contractors specialise in the supply of quality aggregate in Brighton. Based in Bolney, we are a family-run business which provides grab hire, plant hire, groundworks and muck away services in the Sussex and Surrey areas.


In this blog post we share our expert knowledge about the types of aggregate commonly used by Brighton clients.



Types of Aggregate

Construction aggregate is an important ingredient of concrete and is used for a variety of building purposes in the UK. Made from inert granular materials such as stone and sand, aggregate adds volume to concrete and helps to stabilise foundations.


There are many kinds of aggregate suitable for different groundworks and building needs. As a professional muck away, grab hire and plant hire company, we transport large amounts of aggregate to construction sites and domestic builds all over Brighton.


Aggregate comes in course, fine and lightweight forms. Common types of aggregate used by our Sussex and Surrey customers include:



Building sand is a finer texture than traditional sand, making it an extremely useful and cost-effective ingredient for construction materials. It is often used to make cement and mortar mixes and can be easily transported by plant hire and groundworks companies using our grab hire trucks in Brighton. There are varying grades of building sand available with high or low clay and iron content.



Ballast tends to be a mix of heavy, course materials such as crushed rock, slag, gravel, small stone and sand. It is often used in construction to make concrete for laying slabs and paving. Ballast provides volume and stability to foundations and structures. A Hyatt Contractors use grab hire vehicles for delivering ballast aggregate to clients in Brighton, as well as removing it during our fast and effective muck away services.



Gravel is made up of crushed stone which is loose and irregular in size. It usually consists of angular quarried limestone and sandstone, or rounded water-pounded beach pebbles. Stones vary in size from around 5mm to 15mm. Gravel is popular with homeowners in Brighton for laying out driveways and creating garden paths. We can remove gravel during muck away services, or supply gravel to homes and building sites when required.



Hardcore aggregate is commonly used as fill in building work. It consists of very solid, bulky materials such as coarsely crushed concrete and brick. Hardcore fill should be at least 15mm thick when layering. A Hyatt Contractors provide a range of useful plant hire tools, suitable for clients carrying out groundworks and laying down large amounts of hardcore aggregate.



Our Brighton customers generally use planings as bases for driveways and hard-standings such as car parks. This specialised type of aggregate is created using a cold milling machine to remove surface layers from roads and footpaths. Recycled tarmac planing is extremely compact and produces no dust. Our grab hire services include the fast and efficient delivery of planing.



Topsoil is found beneath our feet every day. It is the upper surface layer of soil made up of organic matter, broken down rocks, clay and sand. Brighton clients regularly use topsoil for landscaping and garden improvements due to its rich nutrients. We can remove topsoil during muck away services, as well as deliver topsoil on grab hire trucks quickly and efficiently to any Brighton location.


A Hyatt Contractors are licensed waste carriers and can deliver or remove all types of aggregate from commercial and domestic sites. We offer professional groundworks, plant hire, grab hire and muck away services for clients in Brighton, Worthing, Sussex and Surrey.



Call us today on 01444 881 044 to find out more about aggregates, or to book grab hire, plant hire, groundworks or muck away services in Brighton.

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